Season 1,

Episode 8: Lamar Odom

April 06, 2017
Many times in life my inability to cope with my emotions led to a vicious cycle of self doubt. In this episode I discuss my struggles with mental illness and alcoholism.
Song 1: The Weekend; “Dark Times”
Song 2: Balmorhea; “Theme 1”
Outro: Gang Starr; “Moment of Truth”


  1. jane dirt says:

    Don’t think Don’t talk Feel ! comfortably numb anything to change the way I felt about myself. never being good enough! AA NA al-Non learning to love yourself. doing the best you can do today. living in today being grateful for what you have and are.
    FAT White Single Mom of six left abusive husband. Welfare Queen turn to Shop Rat! now grandma and a GREAT GRANDMA! I love me!
    I got a lot of stuff! Stuff

    1. CJ Normalized says:

      Wow, thank you for your honesty. Loving yourself can be the hardest thing to do. We all have a lot of stuff – you’re never alone. Stay positive – much love.

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