Month: March 2017

March 24, 2017

Episode 3: The Lesson

After recently watching my 4-year-old daughter playing soccer, I realized the best lesson I’ve learned from growing up without my father was how to be a father. My father left when I was around three. I grew up with my mom and older brother. I also have a younger brother who grew up with my father; he and I share different mothers. I don’t fully know or understand the views my brothers have of our father; however, my experiences are a blend of love, miss-trust, anger and resentment.

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March 23, 2017

Episode 2: Conflicts

To better understand my racial insecurities I explore my childhood years in Germantown, MD where I grew up with my mom and older brother. Life was pretty “normal” for me until three significant events changed my understanding of normal. First, around the age of 12 my mom lost her job and from that point on holding down a steady job became an ongoing battle. Shortly after my mom lost her job, my older brother moved to Atlanta removing the one person not scared to check me on my bullshit. Finally, my mom made the decision to remove me from my zoned school and place me in a better school in a more affluent area.

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March 22, 2017

Episode 1: You Sound White

During my first semester at Towson University I experienced two drastically different situations involving my race. I had a very strong will to succeed while at college and that led me to constantly participate during classroom discussions. One night, while in a dorm room talking with two female black students, one of the girls recognized my voice and asked if I was in her Mass Comm class. The class had stadium seating and therefore she never actually got a chance to put a face to a voice. When I responded yes, she replied, “I thought you were white.”

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