Month: July 2017

July 6, 2017

Episode 10: Redshift

My daughters have a very different childhood than I did. My goal often times has been to give them everything I never had. Because of this, they enjoy an abundance of material items that I never did. But that comes at a cost; when am I giving them too much? Sometimes I wonder will they think everyone in the world has similar lives. Will they be oblivious to the struggles of so many and become cold, callous people with no moral compass?

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July 1, 2017

Episode 9: Chuck is Disgruntled

I started my professional career right after college and I immediately recognized in my industry of planning and engineering, African Americans were far and few between. In a city like Baltimore where over 60% of the population is African American I’d think we’d make up more than the handful of professionals I know. On average, I don’t think any of my jobs ever had larger than a 15% rate of African Americans employed in that office.

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