Season 1,

Episode 1: You Sound White

January 30, 2017

During my first semester at Towson University, I experienced two drastically different situations, each one the result of disparate understandings of who I was, and each one related to my race. The first, involves someone mistaking me for being white based solely on the cadence and pitch of my voice. The other, involves something profoundly different.


Intro: Dilated Peoples; “Worst comes to worst” (Instrumental)
Song 1: Big Pun; “It’s so hard”
Song 2: Sly and the Family Stone; “Don’t call me N* whitey”
Outro: Beatnuts; “Do you Believe” (Instrumental)


  1. JoAnn Beauchamp says:

    My first time learning of C.J & listening to his episodes. He’s incredible! Listen to learn! ! Thank you for putting knowledge out here!

    1. CJ Normalized says:

      JoAnn, I’m terribly sorry for the late reply. Thank you so much for listening. Hopefully it helps.

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